Often massage is done with the hands, but the whole body can also be used as a massage instrument. With this massage you will feel completely relaxed while the masseur uses his bare body to massage your body from top to toe. This is a unique experience that is often considered one of the most enjoyful ways of massaging. During this massage, you will not only be physically relaxed, but you will also be completely mentally relaxed. The masseur will take your body with his arms and buttocks. In addition, he will also use massage oil or gel to allow him to move around your body. We use pure natural almond oil and dermatologically tested and unpainted aloë vera massage gel. Being stretched and held by someone else feels very nice. The body heat that is exchanged is calming. With a body to body massage, the masseur no longer limits himself to using his hands and forearms. Unlike a classic relaxation massage, he uses a body to body massage to massage with his entire body. His buttocks, chest, penis, legs, feet and backs are put into the massage of the front and back of your body. With his body covered in massage oil, he slides over your body, performing unprecedented techniques that are almost like acrobatic spectacles. Using a whole body a much larger surface area can be handled. It gives a more complete feeling than just hands and fingers you can ever give. It's really a fascinating show to watch (and to feel). It's truly a unique experience. It gives a sense of security. What you will notice is the realization that you can expose yourself to someone who has just come to know you very quickly and easily. These are the moments when you lead you through your feelings instead of your mind. Let go and enjoy! Something that control freaks really appreciate. By giving the masseur permission to come close to you, confidence grows. If there would be a second "peak" during the massage, then it is undoubtedly the body 2 body massage.

Key words that describe a body 2 body:
An art form

My descriptions of a body-to-body massage will never give you a complete picture of the sensations you'll experience. Feeling somebody to glide over you is an experience you must have experienced at least once in your life. A Body to Body Massage is therefore a wonderful sensual massage that will bring you to higher spheres. An unforgettable experience that you only experience at the Massage Temple. For men, women and couples.

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